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  Tips for adding your upcoming events to Live Music Earth!



Welcome to Live Music Earth

Tips for adding upcoming events

You will need to log in to your account before adding or editing events.  

If your venue is not already listed click here:

If you have forgotten your log-in or password please send an e-mail to

There are four parts to adding an event to our events calendar.

  •        The Event Name
  •        The Event Description
  •        Date and Time stamp
  •        Save (Add New Upcoming Event)

  1. First, Click the My Account tab at the top of this page to enter to log in.
  2. Next, enter your Username and Password to access your account home page.
  3. Now click on the link "Manage Upcoming Events"
  4. Add your events one at a time:

The Event Name (required)

At a minimum, the event name should include the name of the band or artist.  

The text in the event name will be searchable in our key word search features found on many of the pages on Live Music Earth, as well as being picked up by search engines.

The Event Description (optional)

This is where you can add text, photos, web links or even video links to your event posting.  Our text editor will allow you to add text, change font type, color and size, indent, outdent, change text alignment, add photos, add hyperlinks, add horizontal lines and more.  This is where you will want to list all the details about the event.  For a good example of this, visit:

Date and time stamp (required)

Select a date and time from the box directly below the text editor.  Select the correct date from the calendar and slide the time bar to select the time.  Note that the time bar is in 24hr mode.

Add New Upcoming Event (required)

Click on the box at the bottom of the screen to save the event and post it on our upcoming events calendar.

More Tips!

Adding photos to your event.

This is done using the text editing box. Instead of uploading a photo to our site from your computer, you can copy and paste any photo that currently exists anywhere on the web.  This could be a photo that already exists on your own web site, Facebook page, or anywhere else that the photo appears on the web.  An excellent place to find photos easily is on Google Images.  IMPORTANT do not select a photo that is more than 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall.  This will distort your home page and make it impossible to view.

To add a photo to your home page:

1.     Simply copy the photo to your clipboard and paste into the text editor.

2.     You can also use the copy URL feature on the Icon Bar.

Adding web links to your event.

You can also add web links (hyperlinks) to your event in a similar manner using the Insert Hyperlink icon.

Where will my events appear on Live Music Earth?

These events will be listed on your venue home page, on your events page and also on the running list of events on the Metro Page, Neighborhood page and Zip Code Results page.

What happens with my previously listed events?

We keep them in the Live Music Earth database.  When a visitor looks at your events page on Live Music Phoenix, only current and future events will be visible.  However, all of your previous and future events will be available to a user on our calendar bar on the Metro and Neighborhood pages.  You can also find them in your admin area listed on your Manage Upcoming Events list.  This is helpful when you have a event that is returning from a past performance.  You copy the text and photos from the previous event listing and simply change the date to the new upcoming date. 

Even More Tips!

  You can use the copy feature to copy a reoccurring event, and then simply change the date for each new upcoming time this event occurs.

  You can also copy and paste the text and photo from an existing event to create a new event.   

  Add as many events as far into the future as you can.  This will add to your search engine visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  Do not delete your old events, as they will help increase your search engine results.


For assistance at any time call Jim May at 602-430-5798!


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