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Add your venue to Live Music Earth: If you have an public establishment anywhere in the US that hosts live music on a regular basis, we’d love to add you to our list of live music venues on Live Music Earth for free.  Click here to fill out our simple form.  Be sure to include a paragraph about your venue and details about your live music.
Send corrections to Live Music Earth: We need your help keeping Live Music Earth up to date and accurate.  If you find an error on our web site, such as a venue that has closed or changed their name, has changed their entertainment schedule, etc, you can e-mail the correction to us at
To reach us by e-mail: Need help using Live Music Earth?  Want to add a venue but don’t have all the required information?  Need to tell us about a new Venue opening in your area?  You can e-mail us at
To reach us by phone: Have a question that just can’t wait?  Call us at 602-430-5798.

To ask us about advertising your venue on Live Music Earth:

Display ads on Live Music Earth are very inexpensive and are designed to give you added visibility in your local area.  You can place an ad for as little as $10 a week!  For more information please call us at 602-430-5798 or e-mail us at  We’ll be happy to send you a rate card with all the details.



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