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How did get started?

One evening, Jim May and Kari Kron were driving home after a somewhat unsuccessful evening of tracking down and listening to live music in Phoenix, Arizona. The first place had good food and a fun atmosphere, but the act wasn't what they had been hoping to hear. The second place had a great atmosphere and the band was fantastic! They arrived at the third place just as the band was finishing their last set because they hadn't known what time the bands were playing. On the drive back home they started talking . . .

Wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way to just look up what live music was playing tonight?
What if it was fast and simple so that anyone with an Internet connection would find it quickly enough to use any time?

Within a month they were incorporated and working on the website and database for Phoenix. Since they knew they were going to expand nationwide and eventually worldwide, they started collecting domain names. Jim, being the brilliant soul that he is, then found that was available. And the rest is history.












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